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Vacancy / Paediatric Emergency Medicine

Vacancy ID: HETV/16-17/PWY/0077590549/860-5-R2A 
Staff group: Medical, Dental, Public Health Non-Medical
Grade (Places): Sub-Spec (1)
Post type: Sub Specialty
Post commencing from:
October 2016 
Recruitment lead: Health Education England - Thames Valley
Recruiting for: Health Education Thames Valley
Recruitment model:
Regionally Led and Operated 
Opening date: Friday 24 June 2016 13:00
Closing date: Friday 08 July 2016 12:00
Enquiries email:
Vacancy closed Vacancy is closed

Job Title: Sub-Specialty Training in Paediatric Emergency Medicine

Anticipated Number of Posts: 1

Area of Work: Paediatric Emergency Medicine

Employer: Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust/Royal Berkshire Hospital

Location:  Health Education Thames Valley

Salary: £30,002 - £47,175

Job Type: Fixed Term Temporary

Staff Group: Medical and Dental

Pay Scheme: Hospital Medical and Dental Staff

Pay Band: Specialty Registrar

Closing Date: 8th July 2016

Interview Date: TBC


This post is an excellent opportunity for candidates to gain sub-specialty qualification in Paediatric Emergency Medicine. The job will take place for 9 months in the Royal Berkshire Hospital Emergency Department (ED) which is recognised by the College of Emergency Medicine (CEM) and the GMC as having an ‘A’ rating for education and 3 months at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. 


The job shall consist of the following:

  • 6 months PEM training at Royal Berkshire Hospital in its designated PEM Department under the supervision of Dr Omar Nafousi
  • 3 months in Paediatrics at Royal Berkshire Hospital under the supervision of Dr Akmal Hussain
  • 3 months in Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford under the supervision of Dr Alison Shefler


The post will have an educational supervisor and be given the same protected weekly teaching and access to educational resources as the departmental middle grades and the Paediatric Registrars.


The objective of the post is to provide a thorough grounding in Paediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) suitable for those who subsequently might wish to sub-specialise in PEM.


Vacancy information, including likely rotational placement details can be found in the job description. This, along with the person specification can be found on the recruitment pages of the Health Education Thames Valley website.

Please direct any enquiries to recruitment@thamesvalley.hee.nhs.uk


Applicants must be registered with the General Medical Council. All appointments are subject to regular assessment.


The application window is open and closes on 8th July 2016 at noon. You will not be able to submit your application after this time. Please ensure that you have completed all the relevant sections of the application forms as missing information will deem your application incomplete and it will not be considered.


You must apply online via the Oriel recruitment system, which can be accessed via the link provided. Recruitment will be led locally by Health Education Thames Valley.


The qualifications and professional registration requirements plus other eligibility criteria can be found in the person specification.


Eligibility Criteria for recruitment to Specialty Training 2016 – Immigration requirements


UK and EEA nationals and doctors whose immigration status entitles them to work as a doctor in training in the UK are eligible to apply for specialty training. Evidence of immigration status would be a biometric residence card, date stamped passport and/or identity card. All of these documents need to be dated as at or prior to the application closing date.


Other non-UK or non-EEA nationals with limited leave to remain in the UK, whose employment will require a Tier 2 visa, are subject to the resident labour market test. This would include, for example, doctors on student visas or Tier 1 of the Points-Based System who are restricted from taking employment as a doctor in training. The labour market test means that you would only be considered if there were no suitable UK or EEA national (settled status) candidates for the post.


You will be asked to bring your passport and proof of your immigration status to any interviews or assessments you attend.


Immigration Statement

The following advice on when to apply for specialty training applies for doctors applying for entry to programmes:


You are eligible to be considered for specialty training (including GP) in both Round 1 and Round 2 if:

  • You are a UK or EEA national
  • You are a non-UK or non-EEA national and your immigration status allows you to work without restriction in the UK. For example if you have Tier 1 or dependant status, and no restriction against working as a doctor or dentist in training.
  • You are already on Tier 2 and will be applying to continue training with the same sponsor and/or with the same training number.
  • You are applying for a speciality in a shortage occupation (currently only ST3-6 level trainees in Paediatrics, in Scotland).
  • You are a non-UK or non-EEA national, you graduated from a UK medical or dental school, and you currently have Tier 4 status to work in the Foundation Programme. You will need to apply for Tier 2 sponsorship, but you will be exempt from the Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT) if you have had continuous immigration status in the UK since you graduated.


You are eligible to apply for core and specialty training in Round 2 if:

  • You are already on Tier 2 and will be applying for a different specialty and changing sponsor. You will require Tier 2 sponsorship and will be subject to the RLMT. 
  • You are a non-UK or non-EEA national who has limited leave to remain in the UK and do not fall into one of the above categories. You will require Tier 2 sponsorship and will be subject to the RLMT. 


The Postgraduate Dean confirms that this placement and/or programme has the required educational and Dean’s approval. The training programme is equally open to those who may either from the outset or subsequently wish to train flexibly or job share.