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Vacancy / Cardiology

Vacancy ID: LASE/20-21/PWY/0173229093/007-3-R1A 
Training Programme: CARDIOLOGY
Staff group: Medical
Grade (Places): ACFST3 (3)
Post type: Academic
Post commencing from:
August 2020 
Recruitment lead: Health Education England - London and South East
Recruiting for: Health Education England - London
Recruitment model:
Regionally Led and Operated 
Opening date: Monday 07 October 2019 10:00
Closing date: Monday 04 November 2019 16:00
Vacancy closed Vacancy is closed

ACF in Cardiology ST3

NIHR Academy Academic Clinical Fellowship (ACF) Training in Cardiology 

Applications are invited for appointments as an NIHR Academy Academic Clinical Fellow on the Specialty Training Programme in Cardiology ST3, in London at:

1 x Imperial 

1x Kings College (Platform Science Theme)

1x Queen Mary University London  (Platform Science Theme)

Applicants that do not already hold an National Training Number (NTN) or Deanery Reference Number (DRN) in the GMC specialty to which they are applying for will also be required to undertake the national clinical recruitment process and attend an assessment/interview for that GMC specialty as appropriate.  If applicants require clinical bench marking then they will be required to fill out a separate standard clinical application form. For further details please see the link to the NIHR’s website in the useful links section.

This is for completion of CCT/ CESR (CP) subject to satisfactory progression.

Please note there are two person specifications relevant to this post; the NIHR supplementary person specification (available via the ‘Documents tab’ on this page and the matched national specialty person specification which can be found via the National Specialty Training Website: https://specialtytraining.hee.nhs.uk/Recruitment/Person-specifications

Reasonable adjustments and Guaranteed Interview Scheme

For more information regarding reasonable adjustments and guaranteed interview scheme please refer to the Postgraduate Medical & Dental Education (PGMDE) support portal via https://lasepgmdesupport.hee.nhs.uk/support/home

All applicants applying to medical specialties are required to have essential competences or equivalent depending on the level they are applying for. For more information on competences please refer to the resource bank on Oriel via www.oriel.nhs.uk/Web/ResourceBank

Please upload all required evidence of competences to your online application form when completing the application form online. For those experiencing difficulties when uploading evidence, please ensure you contact the team via the PGMDE support portal: https://lasepgmdesupport.hee.nhs.uk/support/home

Eligibility Criteria for recruitment to Specialty Training – Immigration Requirements

Health Education England (HEE) is responsible for the sponsorship of Medical and Dental trainees for their Tier 2 visa application in England.  Health Education West Midlands administers the process on behalf of HEE. For more information please visit their website, as well as the Applicant Handbook which can be found on the Oriel Resource Bank.

Evidence of immigration status should normally consist of a biometric residence card, date stamped passport, and accompanying letter from the Home Office. Please visit their website for more information.

Key dates & information

Interview dates:                 28/11/2019  (subject to change)
Interview venue:               
Events Centre, Stewart House, 32 Russell Square, WC1B 5DN

Posts commence from:    August 2020

Interview process

Document checking: A list of documents required for interview is available under the downloads on document section of the website.

Length of interview:  30 minutes.

Interview structure:   One station interview.

Preferencing Posts:  In cases where more than 1 post is available, preferencing will be made available via Oriel, more information will follow at a later stage.

Contacts / Enquiries

Please visit the PGMDE Support Portal where you will find a series of FAQs, and you will be able to submit an enquiry to the London and Kent, Surrey and Sussex Recruitment Team.

If you have made a positive declaration in the FTP section, you must contact London and Kent, Surrey and Sussex recruitment Office via support portal by the close of the application window.  Please refer to the supplementary FTP guide for the information you must include. Failure to provide the outlined information by the close of application may result in your application being withdrawn.


Programmes will be confirmed directly with the candidate by the appropriate HEE local office should applicants be successful at interview.

Indicative number of posts available


Please note that post numbers and post information are subject to change.

Please note that there is currently an agreement between the three Health Education London regions and their neighbouring regions of Health Education East of England and Health Education Kent Surrey and Sussex, which may mean that applicants are placed into a neighbouring region in order to fulfil the requirements of their training programme. The number of trainees that this involves is small, but significant enough that applicants should be aware of this when selecting programmes.

Please note that there is currently an agreement between Health Education Kent Surrey and Sussex and the three Health Education London regions, which may mean that applicants are placed into a London post in order to fulfil the requirements of their training programme. The number of trainees that this involves is small, but significant enough that applicants should be aware of this when selecting programmes. Successful applicants will remain KSS managed trainees during time spent out of region.