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Vacancy / Medical Education

Vacancy ID: SEV/18-19/PWY/0134217452/TME-5-R1A 
Training Programme: MEDICAL EDUCATION
Staff group: Medical
Grade (Places): Sub-Spec (10)
Post type: Sub Specialty
Post commencing from:
July 2019 
Recruitment lead: Health Education England - South West - Severn
Recruiting for: United Kingdom (England Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland)
Recruitment model:
Nationally Led and Operated 
Opening date: Friday 13 April 2018 16:00
Closing date: Monday 21 May 2018 10:00
Enquiries email:
Vacancy closed Vacancy is closed

Advanced Training Fellowships in Major Trauma

Applications are invited for exciting new training opportunities in Major Trauma. 

We will be recruiting to 5 posts commencing from the 22nd July 2019 and 5 posts commencing from the 22nd July 2020. The fellowships will be 12 months in length and will follow one of the two pathways below:

THE RESUSCITATIVE PATHWAY: This will be most suitable to general and vascular surgeons and will enhance those technical skills required to save life in the early stages of the major trauma patients hospital management.

THE MAJOR TRAUMA LEADER PATHWAY: This has been designed to develop the major trauma leader role, providing leadership in the care of the major trauma patient from the trauma room through to transfer to rehabilitation. This would be suitable for any surgeon or physician wanting to develop their major trauma leadership skills.

Please select the hyperlink tab for additional information to assist with your application and a link to the recruitment website for details of the posts and training locations.

Please note that there is a strict application policy that applications cannot be accepted after the deadline.

Tips for submitting an application:

  • Refer to the applicant guide in the hyperlink tab.
  • On completion, save and re-open the application and then check prior to pressing the submit button. This will allow you time to review your completed application and check for any discrepancies.
  • Submit your application no later than 30 minutes before the deadline.
  • If you have a problem completing or submitting an application prior to the closing date please ring 01454 252610
  • If you are in the process of completing an application at the point of closure a warning message will appear and you will not be able to submit the application or retrieve any of the data input