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Vacancy / Paediatric Dentistry

Vacancy ID: HEEM/19-20/PWY/0153624316/064-1-R1A 
Staff group: Dental
Grade (Places): ST1 (1)
Post type: Specialty training (ST)
Post commencing from:
September 2019 
Recruitment lead: Health Education England - East Midlands
Recruiting for: England, Scotland
Recruitment model:
Nationally Led and Operated 
Opening date: Tuesday 22 January 2019 10:00
Closing date: Tuesday 12 February 2019 16:00
Enquiries email:
Vacancy closed Vacancy is closed

Health Education England - East Midlands is coordinating a national process for recruiting trainees into Paediatric Dentistry training programmes at ST1 level across all regions in England and Scotland with a post start from September 2019.

The training duration is 3 years for pre-CCST posts, however, the actual duration may depend on the circumstances of the individual.  As well as the standard 3 year programme, some regions may offer run through training programmes lasting five years.  The number of run through opportunities is not known at this stage.  We will notify all applicants of any run through opportunities once they have been confirmed by participating regions at the post preferencing stage.

Interviews will take place on Thursday 16th May 2019 .

The full timeline for the round, including application periods are published on our website. See the hyperlinks tab to access this information.

Applications are equally open to those who may, either from the outset or subsequently, wish to train less than full time or job share.

Please note that there is a strict application policy that applications cannot be accepted after the deadline.

When applying to this specialty in this recruitment round, you will not need to give preferences of particular posts, regions, rotations, etc. at the time of applying; just complete and submit an application for the specialty. Should you be subsequently shortlisted for interview, you will be invited to give preferences of all posts available nationally at a later stage of the recruitment round.

Recruitment guidance for the specialty can be downloaded from our website.  General guidance for applicants to dental specialties can be downloaded from the Oriel Resource Bank.

During the recruitment episode please visit Oriel regularly to access up to date information relating to this vacancy and information about the recruitment process.

For any queries that cannot be answered by the methods above please contact medicalrecruitment.em@hee.nhs.uk

- Eligibility to work in the UK -

If your employment is subject to immigration control, you should refer to the Dental Recruitment Applicant Handbook for information about how this will affect your application. Applications will only be considered once the resident labour market test has been satisfied.